Sticky Fingers – Rum Rage

August 5, 2014

If you’ve followed this blog since last year’s top tracks lists came out, then you know that Sticky Fingers’ “Australia Street” was one of our favorites of 2013 – along with the entire record. They’re a unique collective who seems to perfectly blend dub and rock to create a sound that’s inherently unique to them. I’ve been excited to get my hands on their brand new Land of Pleasure LP which is out today and impressively lives up to my high expectations. And while Australia might already have caught on to this absolutely fantastic band, they’ve still got a ways to go to match that kind of popularity here in the states. That’s where blogs like us come in to help garner attention toward a band that couldn’t be more deserving of it. See what we mean with excellently chill tracks like “Rum Rage” that are bound to extend Sticky Fingers’ popularity way beyond their native Australian borders.


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