The Drums – I Can’t Pretend

August 26, 2014

The Drums made some huge strides from their debut record to 2011’s Portamento. It’s got one of the best first halves of any record to come to mind over the past few years, with tracks like “Book of Revelation”, “Days”, and of course the smash-hit “Money” still making their monthly rounds on my playlists. And as you can imagine, their upcoming third record Encyclopedia is one that we at Lower Frequencies are pretty amped up for. They’ve released a few solid singles in the past couple weeks that give us a bit of insight into what kind of sound they’ll be featuring on the upcoming release. And while their most recent track “I Can’t Pretend” doesn’t stray too far from their prototypical sound, sometimes it’s best to stick with what works – especially if it sounds as good as this. Still, with that being said I can’t help but hear some faint traces of an act like The Pixies in this one, especially in the way they close out this ever-so catchy tune. We’ll be hoping to hear many more Drums’ jams as fresh as this one as we gear up for this release and more in what’s turning out to be an absolutely epic close out to the year.


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