Child Actor – Fear & Pleasure

September 3, 2014

One of my favorite tracks of 2012, and one I’ll definitely be including on my eventual “Best of this Decade (So Far)” list is Child Actor’s “I Will Be”. I like to think there’s a certain set of chords ingrained in me that sync up perfectly with that tune, but the truth is almost all of Child Actor’s work resonates strongly with me. And with that in mind I am sure you can understand how excited I’ve been over the release of their much awaited sophomore record Never Die. Not that there was any question, but it’s turned out to be a truly fantastic album as Max Heath and Natalie Plaza pick up right where they left off a couple years ago. But that’s not to say they haven’t made some serious strides since the debut as well. This record is definitely a bit more polished, a bit more sophisticated than the electronic bedroom pop you’ll find on Victory. And on the heels of magnificent jams like “Fear & Pleasure”, I think it’s finally Child Actor’s time to take the route of previous acts like Young Wonder and Purity Ring and firmly establish themselves as the electro pop genre’s next big thing.


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