Miracle Fortress – Even In America

September 17, 2014

Miracle Fortress’ newest summer single is a jam of absolutely epic proportions. Coming off one of my personal favorite records of 2011 in Was I The Wave?, you can imagine my excitement with the release of his 3rd single in as many months titled “Even In America”. I’ve got to assume a new LP is in the works, but we’ve yet to hear any official announcements from this Montreal based mega-talent. But at this point I’m just grateful to have Miracle Fortress back in action after stepping out of the spotlight for a bit of time. “Even In America” reminds me of an old Bowie/Reznor favorite “I’m Afraid of Americans” as they both sort of lightheartedly call out some of the lesser regarded aspects of American culture — and rightfully so. And on that note I’d absolutely love to see what kind of (presumably hilarious) music video Miracle Fortress could come up for this sensational new tune.


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