Polarsets – Whispers

September 24, 2014

While Polarsets have actually been around for the good end of four years, it’s just this week that they’ve come out with their debut record titled Parasols. I had been introduced to them years ago via tracks like “Morning” and “Leave Argentina”, but after not hearing much on their end for quite some time, I admittedly forgot all about this UK-based four piece until they began premiering singles a few months ago. One of their most recent productions, “Whispers”, is a fantastic track from start to finish, but it’s the absolutely epic finale that has sealed this tune as one of the more compelling jams of the year so far. It sure is great to see the finalized project of what was started so many years ago now, and on the back of this killer single and overall awesome debut LP, I don’t foresee the Polarsets brand flying

under the radar for much longer.


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