Sucré – Line of Fire

September 5, 2014

I wish there was some system similar to the stock exchange where you could invest in an artist that you think will make it big in the future. If something like that did exist, I’d be willing to put all my cash down on an act like Sucré. She just seems to have all the right tools to become the next great international pop sensation. Backed by husband/producer Darren King of Mutemath, these two alongside producer Jeremy Larson have created one hell of a followup EP to her 2012 debut A Minor Bird. Amazing tracks like “Line of Fire” are fueled by the swirling, orchestrated strings and roaring brass instruments that you’ll find somewhat thematically throughout this grand record. Where Sucré goes from here is unknown at this point, but with her undeniable set of skills and a fantastic supporting cast, I forsee a long and prosperous career in store for this gifted Texas native.


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