Tep No – Lana Del Dre

September 26, 2014

2014 has introduced us to a ton of great new acts on the scene. Shiloh, Boy In A Movie, and Tigerz are just a few of the artists that have emerged this year that we’ve since kept a keen eye on. But perhaps the most promising newcomer we’ve come across this year is Toronto-based electronic producer Tep No. He’s got seven awesome singles to his name since the start of this year and presumably a debut EP/LP on the horizon. And while the quantity alone is impressive for this budding act, it’s the quality of his work that really tends to stand out. After about a weeks’ worth of repetitive listening to his newest single “Lana Del Dre”, I’m willing to go out on a limb and say this one of my favorite tracks of the year. And along with his absolutely amazing previous single The Drop Starts At 00:53, coming to the decision that Tep No is our “rookie of the year”, so to speak, was not difficult conclusion at all. Perhaps if there were one aspect of his newest single that we’d tweak, it would be extending out those epic final 20 seconds for just a little bit longer. So while we keep our fingers crossed for a potential extended mix, we’ll also be on the lookout for Tep No to make that inevitable shift from low-key electro pop producer to emerging superstar. Also keep an eye out for the premiere of the “Lana Del Dre” music video on Belle Musique in the coming weeks.


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