Big K.R.I.T. – Cadillactica

October 15, 2014

It seems like there’s a never-ending debate about what classifies a good rap track. For some, it’s all about the verse. As long as it’s got a good flow and some nice rhyme schemes, it’s great. But, for me at least, the verse alone is never going to be enough in determining a rap track’s overall worth. It’s a shame to see a great verse get wasted on a song with no melody or instrumental value, and to me it seems like that’s more often the case than not with the rap genre lately. But a few times a year there’s a track that comes around that puts it’s all together perfectly. In the case of 2014, the honors go to Big K.R.I.T.’s “Cadillactica”. This jam has all the right moves to be one of the best rap tracks of the year, but perhaps most impressive is the way Big K.R.I.T. flows so smoothly from one bar to the next. And while we’ve always known him to be a solid rapper, this new track is bound to elevate this Mississippi-based act to the far upper echelons of the rap game.


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