Landmarks – Jackson Park

November 20, 2014

Having already toured with bands like Real Estate and San Fermin, Landmarks aren’t exactly coming out of nowhere with the release of their excellent debut self-titled EP. Still, we are pretty excited about the emergence of this gifted Chicago five-piece. If you can appreciate some lush, intertwining guitar melodies similar to bands like Real Estate or Beach Fossils, then you’ll be just as pleased as us after delving into this promising debut effort. Featuring a track was difficult as they’ve each got their own unique charm, but we think the elegant, beautiful “Jackson Park” works as the perfect introductory track to a group that you’re sure to be hearing a lot about in 2015. And while a band like this might sound even better in the warmer weather seasons, you can be sure that this exceptional EP will be played often this weekend as the Western NY snow continues to bury us in.


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