NAVVI – Mutual Release

November 18, 2014

Seattle duo NAVVI is one of the newer guy/girl tandems to attempt to make it big in the West Coast electronic scene. After hearing their first single “Speak” premiere on the most recent Kitsune: America release, we made sure to keep an eye on this budding act for a debut record. Half a year or so later, here we are reveling what’s turned out to be quite the solid introductory album for NAVVI. It’s easy to pick out some influential traces back to bands like Bat For Lashes, The xx, and Child Actor, but at the same time there’s something inherently unique about the sound NAVVI’s achieved on this EP. See for yourself on our personal favorite jam, “Mutual Release”, where vocalist Kristin Henry shines over a lush, synthesized vocal melody courtesy of her gifted producer-counterpart Brad Boettger.


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