Novo Amor – Callow

November 11, 2014

When it comes to the somewhat newly emerging falsetto-folk genre, the last couple of years have showed a huge influx of acts determined to be the next Bon Iver. And while Bon Iver is inherently a one of a kind for talent for us, there are a few budding names out there that most definitely are worthy of your time — especially if you share our sentiments about Bon Iver. If you follow this blog regularly you might have seen one of our previous posts introducing the UK’s Novo Amor. And If you’ve yet to jump on his debut Woodgate, NY EP we suggest you start there, but today’s post is all about his fantastic new single “Callow”. And like all of Ali Lacey’s, aka Novo Amor’s tracks, “Callow” is yet another warm, heartfelt ballad with some strong emotional undertones that resonate long after the fact. All that seems to remain for this future star is a debut LP which we can’t help but hype up as one of our most anticipated folk releases….well ever.


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