MLHLND – Clothes Off

December 2, 2014

It might just be us, but the releases over the past few weeks have been less than stellar. It didn’t help that one of our most anticipated records of the year, TVOTR’s Seeds, was a letdown in every sense of the word. But even besides the big names, it just feels like we’re working our way through bland record after bland record lately. That’s why we’re grateful for MLHLND’s wonderful debut EP coming through to end this painful dry spell. This Sydney-based singer-songwriter, with the help of acclaimed producer Joel Ford (Ejecta, Ford & Lopatin) have come up with quite the brilliant synth pop jam in “Clothes Off”. At it’s core this is most definitely an R&B tune, but what we love about MLHLND is the way he and Ford subtly fuse all sorts of genres together to create one ethereal whole. And while we can’t help but make comparisons to acts like Autre Ne Veut and Shy Girls, MLHLND’s fresh take on the genre is sure to garner plenty of attention from audiophiles across the globe.


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