WIN WIN – Waster

February 18, 2015

How WIN WIN has not become an international sensation at this point in their career is a bit of a travesty in my book. This trio of already well-established producers XXXChange, Ghostdad, and Chris Devlin have actually been around since 2011, but it’s just in recent months that they’ve signed to the awesome label Arts & Crafts. And to go along with that huge news, they’ve put out two fantastic new singles to celebrate the occasion. The absolutely gnarly B-side “Waster” is quickly becoming one of my favorite tracks of the year as well. And as they continue on their voyage to conquer every genre in existence, it’s no surprise that they flat-out nailed it when it comes to this groovy lo-fi, psychedelic rock anthem. Their highly anticipated 3rd LP is set to drop sometime this year, and I can only hope this is going to be the one to finally put these guys in the international spotlight.


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