Young Wonder – Intergalactic

February 23, 2015

We’re still coming to grips with how completely and utterly disappointed we are with Purity Ring’s first two singles to their beyond-highly anticipated sophomore LP. Fortunately for us, Young Wonder is also back this week to ease our minds that a sophomore slump isn’t inevitable for all of our favorite guy/girl Chillwave duos. If their newest track “Intergalactic” offers any kind of taste of what the next LP will be like, then it’s bound to be something quite special. From the lush acoustic guitar melody to Rachel Koeman’s always entrancing vocals, this track has a little of everything. We also enjoy the creative use of percussive samples on this memorable jam — in particular the sound of what appears to be a soda can cracking open. We’ll be on the lookout for more great tunes along with the inevitable sophomore LP from this consistently awesome act.


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